Sunday, April 10, 2016

Monarchs again

The wasps have stopped attacking the Monarch caterpillars and I noticed a couple of caterpillars on some swan plants at the bottom of my garden - a couple of days later the plants had been stripped bare and there were lots of hungry caterpillars.  Doug to the rescue bringing me bunches of swan plant branches from his garden which I have on the bench (made by Doug) by my lounge door.  Next to the bunches of swan plant is a bromeliad which now has numerous chrysalises and several caterpillars starting to pupate.  I love the golden bands around the chrysalises.

I took some more photos as I wasn't very happy with these but my stupid computer now tells me that this file doesn't have the suitable programme - it has worked fine up till now.  I am supposed to do something with default programmes but unfortunately I don't understand exactly what I am supposed to do - just hope that it goes back to working tomorrow.

There are six chrysalises in this photo.

One butterfly emerged yesterday and is still in the porch as we have steady rain.  A couple more have the colour of the wings showing through the "cases" so will not be long.


  1. All very nice, but didn't your plants suffer?

  2. I presume you mean the swan plants - they are virtually bare sticks now but Doug (who has been raising butterflies for some years now) assures me that they will regrow)

  3. Such an exciting time of year, how fun.

    1. Yes, another couple of butterflies emerged today.