Tuesday, April 18, 2017

South Island Day 2

The second day of our trip took us across the top of the South Island in the coach to Westport.   Our first stop was at the Ernest Rutherford Memorial not far out of Nelson.  He was born and schooled in the area.

We continued in the bus stopping at Murchison for lunch and then at a park where we crossed the Buller River on New Zealand's longest swing bridge to a bush walk.  By chance Doug and I then had a most enjoyable jet boat ride.  One could then return either over the swing bridge or on a flying fox.  As we had been on the jet boat we used the swing bridge as there was a queue for the flying fox.  The eldest member of our group was 97 and she went over on the swing bridge and back on the flying fox

After this we had some rain on our journey to Westport.


  1. You are SO brave!!! I cannot step onto a swing bridge..my feet freeze, I shake, I cannot literally go any further than 2 steps in. The flying fox, that might be a whole lot better. Hope the rain stay away and you have a great time there. We loved every day when we were there in 1986, had a whole year travelling with our caravan.

  2. I don't find swing bridges particularly pleasant. As far as the weather was concerned this was the week before last when the remains of Cyclone Debbie hit and the only rain was at night or when we were on the coach.