Monday, May 29, 2017


On our fifth day we checked out of our motel units at the Last Resort Motel at Karamea and, after breakfast were shown the conference room with the main beam of the ceiling being one tree before  climbing into three school mini buses to go to the Operara Arches  as the large bus was too big to negotiate the road.  From memory the drive was about 40 minutes each way.  We had a magical walk.

We then returned to our motel at Karamea where we had a delicious lunch of freshly caught fish and chips with numerous extras before heading south to Reefton where we spent the night.

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  1. One wee bird, and the stone cairns, are they a symbol of where to go, or directing to a special place? In Canada, they have " Inukshuk" . What a delightful ,mysterious ,and wonderful place to visit.