Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Three weeks after our wedding we went up to Mitimiti where we had an enjoyable holiday last year.  Sophie, the Labrador, was able to come as well.  We had a week this time.  There is no cell phone coverage although we did have wi-fi so were able to read our local paper.  It is about two hours to the nearest shops so we had to take all the food we would need for the week.  Once again, we were lucky with the weather - there was nothing to do but walk, read and relax.  As they say, just what the Doctot ordered.  

Doug collected some mussels on the rocks.  There are horses and cattle roaming freely on the beach.  Doug took his bow and had some target practice up against the sand dunes.

                                                           Quite contented in the rocks!!
                                         but came out when we approached

                                        A sculpture by Chris Booth on Ralph Hotere's grave


  1. Beautiful, and what a tribute to Ralph Hotere. Lovely isolated area, as you say, the Dr knew just what you needed.

    1. Apparently Ralph and Chris Booth were friends. It is a wonderful area. Perfect for relaxation.

  2. That all looks fabulous, I love the name too; Mitimiti. May I borrow the picture of you, for if I need one?

  3. You are welcome to "borrow" the picture of me roughing it on the beach. Not sure why you would want one.