Sunday, September 10, 2017


We eat a lot of kumara (sweet potatoe) which I buy at the weekly Growers' Market.  I usually have the Red Kumara which has a creamy white flesh.  I use this in soups, roasted and in a mash with potatoe.  

This week the stall where I buy my kumara was running out of these most common kumara so I bought some purple kumara which, on the outside, looked similar.  When I peeled them I found that they were very different.  

Yesterday I fried some cubed with potatoe which we had with baked flounder.  Today I did a mash with potatoe which we ate with a lamb stew and broccoli.  Most unusual but very tasty.

It was voted a hit though and this will be the meal when we have family around for Doug's birthday tomorrow.


  1. It looks very pretty on the plate. I am seeing more and more colorful veggies lately.

  2. we love the deep orange kumara..tasty! also the deeper the colour,the more vitamins, a good excuse for a colourful meal!

    1. Yes, and should be better for a diabetic diet than beetroot.

  3. I'd love to get hold of some of those purple kumara. They haven't reached this far south yet! I envy you your excellent Growers market.

  4. thank you for this your broadcast provided bright clear concept..


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