Friday, February 16, 2018


Hot and humid again today but we wanted to keep up with our weekly walks up Parihaka so we headed to our favourite track - the Ross Track.  This is the third week in a row since we restarted the walks and it was really enjoyable in spite of the heat.

According to the notice boards it is 40 minutes each way so 60 minutes up and down including  a short break at the top was not bad for a couple of oldies.


  1. We must do some tramping next time we visit NZ.

    I saw your comment on Elizabeth Musgrave's blog (funny how the links go around!) its never too late to learn any language..and does us good in learning

    1. Time always seems to be my problem. I know I should make it. Yes there are wonderful walks of all lengths down here.

  2. We have some awesome walks here in NZ, there are some that I really want to try down here at some point.

  3. As you know there are a lot of wonderful walks in Whangarei.