Sunday, February 11, 2018


Last Monday when we went on the first weekly walk with people with Parkinson's Disease since the Christmas break and I suggested that tomorrow we do a walk with shade as it was so hot.  Tuesday was fine and we walked up Mt. Parihaka, Wednesday was o.k. Since then it has rained and rained and rained.  It was wet and windy on Thursday, on Friday afternoon there was a very short break when we walked Sophie around the block and again this afternoon but apart from that it has just rained.  At times it has been a fine, misty drizzle and at others a heavy rain both day and night.

It is most unusual for us to get rain for a whole day let alone several days and the forecast is for it to continue - light rain until Wednesday and a change on Thursday to rain showers.  The tomatoes don't like it, the peaches that are about to ripen don't like it, the flowers don't like it and we don't like it.  The temperature has been in the mid 20's and last night in particular was very humid making it hard to sleep.  

Funnily enough as I am typing this the rain has stopped and the sun come out but, according to the forecast, it will be short lived.  I have just watched the weather forecast on the television and we are to get rain and a temperature of 28 degrees C. tomorrow with a night time temperature of 21 degrees.

The walk that was chosen for tomorrow is from the A.H. Reed Park along the river to the Whangarei Falls. Hopefully, it won't be too wet and it will be interesting to see the Falls in full flow.  I will report back.

This photo of the bridge was taken on our walk last Monday

and this one of Doug at the top of Parihaka was taken on Tuesday

We now have a red sky so goodness knows whether we will get the forecast rain or the fine day predicted by a red sky.


  1. Rain on and off all day here, pouring on the Desert Road earlier, I am sure the farmers will be haopy, but the orchardists and gardeners not so much,and suddenly the mornings are darker, and we are getting brilliant sunsets.

  2. Anything's better than the wretched weather we're having at the moment. Cold, wet, damp, snowy, frosty, etc etc.