Friday, February 10, 2012

Monarch Butterflies Update Again

Yesterday, two more Monarch's came out of their chrysalis (hatched doesn't seem the right word but I am sure someone will tell me what is).

These were both outside and when I noticed them in the afternoon one was in distress on the ground.  I lifted it up and put it on a leaf - on checking later I noticed a Praying Mantis on it.  On further investigation I discovered it only had one leg.

I despatched it to end its' suffering (assuming butterflies do suffer) and have realised that the Mantis did the damage.

This morning there was one more butterfly that had emerged - I left it for a short while and when I went back a Praying Mantis was close by so I removed the leaf complete with butterfly and put it on the outside table.  It has since flown away.

I think there are another four chrysalises (could be more) so will watch them carefully.  I have always rescued any Praying Mantis that has been in the wrong place but, in future, they will be disposed of.

It is a cruel, hard world out there.


  1. We have to make choices in life,and I think you made the right one.

    I have a granddaughter named Emma who is now 10 yrs. old. She has so many talents, but has always been into emtomology. A few years ago she found a Monarch butterfly with a broken wing. She is also a very creative person and artistic. She found the thinest paper she could find (a receipt) , cut it into the shape needed to replace the missing appendage, and taped it on to the injured butterfly. She then placed it on a branch of a butterfly bush where it could eat and exist. I checked the next day and it was still there. I never thought it would work, but it did.. I just loved how she cared about the creatures that we share this planet

    We are all caretakers of this world we live in. You are doing a great job, Susan!,

  2. That makes me feel bad. Instead of making false legs for it I just gave it a quick end. I tell myself that your granddaughter had more time!!!! I actually had to rescue today's one again as I later found it on the lawn so I picked it up and it has now flown off.

  3. I can picture a future of wooden legged, and paper winged, insects in your garden.

    Our Mantises tend to end up in the pool skimmers.

  4. I'm really glad that we don't have any Praying Mantis here They sound nasty.

    1. They look quite attractive and, as I said, I have always saved any I have found in the wrong place but not any more. Apparently, smaller ones with blue on their legs are native and can be spared so it will mean peering hard at their legs to check.

  5. Susan, we have not heard from you in awhile. I hope you are doing ok.

  6. Arleen - thanks for the enquiry. M. has been in the Rest Home for a fortnight while I had a much overdue and needed break. This time I took the doctor's advice and went away (A few days with friends in Auckland). My friend came back with me and we spent three pleasant days visiting gardens on a "Garden Discovery" this weekend.

    When she visited M. on Saturday she was worried as he had been hallucinating again and so she stayed an extra day. He came home yesterday and she left today.

    When I get a chance I will post photos of some of the lovely flowers we saw.

    I was just thinking of you (was it you who posted about choking in a restaurant?

    I just read an article about someone who nearly passed out in Tauranga when choking in a restaurant.

    Thanks again - Sue

  7. I am glad you got some time off to enjoy yourself. You need and deserve a respite every now and then.

    Yes, it was my hubby who choked on food. It was a frightening experience and we were lucky that there was someone around who knew what to do.

    Good to hear you are OK.

    as a frightening experience, but thankfully there was someone around who knew how to help.