Sunday, July 24, 2011


I haven't posted for a while - mainly because I didn't feel up to it as my health (and weight) have been deteriorating.

My husband has been having more falls due to his usually low blood pressure dropping even further when he stands.  Although we have managed to get a lovely lady to come and help him shower and dress, this has come too late for my health and I have put him in a Rest Home for 10 days.  I now realise that I will have to do this on a regular basis.

The staff at the Rest Home are lovely and yesterday I walked the 2 kms to visit - luckily I managed this between showers.

I am now halfway through my break and am starting to feel better although I am still extremely tired.  We have been having miserable weather with HEAVY showers but it is about to change and the next few days are forecast to be fine but cold  - 4 degrees C at night and max 10 C which for us is quite cold.  Still it will be marvellous to see the sun.

Tomorrow I have my three monthly medical check and then go to Pilates - it is a fortnight since I did anything apart from in my carers role.  I will also go out with friends for a coffee or walk while the weather is fine.

There is a lot to look forward to and, once I get my health back and start to put some weight on things will look up.  The rhododendron is in flower but since i have added a storage device in the last couple of days I find I am now unable to view photos from my camera.  Will have to wait for a friend to return from holiday and get this sorted.


  1. Hope this week will help you regain some health and strength.

  2. S O, A.C - M - Thank you, I am starting to feel more relaxed already - tomorrow will be the test when I go out to my medical appointment and Pilates. Still the sun should be shining for a nice change.

  3. Sounds like you could use a good relaxing holiday; Dr Cro's answer to most problems. Look after yourself, no-one gains if you become run down whilst caring for others.

  4. Cro - A holiday sounds good but I can't see one happening in the foreseeable future - I will just enjoy this break while I can.

  5. We are funny, us humans, we just love to feel guilty about so many things. I am sure you are doing the right thing for your husband even though it may not always feel like it. You need your strength to keep going yourself.
    I hope you soon feel stronger and things improve for you.
    By the way, thankyou for your kind comment on my embroidery.

  6. Sue - good to see you back! Look after yourself. Love Molly xx

  7. Crafty Cat, Thanks for your comment - yes, I know in my heart that I am doing the only thing possible. Just love your wonderful embroidery.

    Molly,Thanks - will have to try and keep it up again.