Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting There

It has been a difficult time.  I visited my lovely hubby on Monday to find him not pleased to see me.  I don't know whether it was vivid dreams or hallucinations but I had been doing all sorts of things.  Luckily, he settled down and was quite content when I left telling him I will collect him on Christmas Eve and bring him home.  I am not sure whether he knows where home is though.

I have finished the two lots of double antibiotics I was given and been having lots of rest.  For the first time in my 68 years I didn't really feel like putting up the Christmas decorations but I made the effort and am pleased with the result.  I finally went into town today and did a supermarket shop so we shouldn't starve for a few days at least.  I also bought some lettuce and penstemon plants and got them in the ground this afternoon.

Tomorrow I will bake some bread and a cake and gets lots more rest.  


  1. I think you are wonderful and I know how trying things must get for you.
    I wish for you and your hubby a peaceful Christmas.
    Your decs look lovely, it was worth the effort.
    Hugs from afar.

  2. Those samplers are wonderful; I'm jealous.

  3. Your house looks wonderful and festive. Have a good holiday and get well soon.

  4. Oh Sue. Hope you have a lovely Christmas although things are so difficult for you. Your decorations look beautiful. xx

  5. Thanks for all your comments. I feel I am getting there and we will have a nice quiet Christmas day with friends coming on Boxing Day.
    Cro: The sampler on the left is a "photo-print" but we liked it so much we bought it anyway.

    The sampler on the right is by our great-grandmother, Lucy and will go to Tenpin.

  6. Your pictures are very festive, I like what you have done. Have as good a Christmas as you can and I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Lucy's own hand? That's wonderful. Shame the other one isn't an original too.