Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am always on the lookout for something to occupy my hubby.  At a recent Alzheimer's Carers' Meeting someone mentioned that her husband liked to stroke a soft toy and in the latest issue of the Carers' Magazine there was an article by a lady whose father, a former surgeon, has Alzheimer's and he used to enjoy a puzzle made of painted wood and webbing.  I couldn't imagine nor find this toy and managed to get in touch with the lady concerned who contacted her stepmother for a photo.

I then received an email telling me that the stepmother had purchased the toy for my hubby.  I phoned and offered to pay for the toy and postage but this was declined.  It arrived today.

 The above is the wooden toy - it is quite small - just 26 cms long but, as you can see,  can be made into various shapes.

Yesterday, when I was having my hair cut I mentioned that I had taken my hubby a soft toy and was planning on getting some more whereupon I was given four soft toys.  So now I have a plentiful supply to take to him over the coming weeks.  Time will tell which one or ones he enjoys.

 This centipede is great - one of the segments makes a crackling noise when pressed, a couple have  bells, one makes a noise when squeezed and a couple are just soft.  I hope this will be a success.

Then there are the three soft toys above.


  1. Basically, people are nice! There's not too many $#@&(*@ around! (The latter just seem to get all the attention!)

  2. Susan, in times of sorrow, illness, or other, so many true friends show their value ,friendship, comfort and love that is immeasurable, and your man will benefit from each one. I have read somewhere that they like sqeezy toys, so you are right on the ball there. Not too big, not too small,, just right!!! Fond greetings from Jean ( p.s. all going Ok here so far, will email soon)

  3. People are kind. (Mostly!) I love the look of that painted wooden toy. I hope your husband enjoys the toys.

  4. Hi di Hi
    I have a friend who works in elder care. She tells me that Taggy blankets like this are very popular:

    She also likes the centre to be made with different textured fabrics - like velvet, satin, needlecord.


  5. What a heart warming story, and it appears to be a great idea. The little wooden toy is very attractive, and the centipede with its colour, textures, and noises sounds ideal. It will be interesting to learn which your husband prefers and his reactions to them

  6. How nice and kind of those people.There are so many good people out there.Hope they help.

  7. Sue I'm so glad these kind people are looking after you too. All the best to both you and M

  8. What a lovely post and maybe an excuse to revisit the baby toy departments. Useful information too for those of us who aren't exposed to Alzheimers but might need a present for someone at some stage. All the best :-)

  9. Unfortunately, when I visited today, he was not very good. The first question was "am I married" and when I told him I am married to him he didn't really believe me.

    I gave him the toy which I have great fun playing with but he didn't seem able to work out how to move the pieces. (They are joined by a piece of elastic through the middle). It is very simple but very effective.

    I put it in one of his drawers and will try again when he seems a bit brighter. The soft toy I took in last time seemed to have vanished.

  10. Yes, most people are kind, Susan, and I'm glad you've had this help with finding toys for your husband.