Sunday, October 7, 2012


In our previous property we had a vegetable garden over half an acre plus lots of orchards.  Down in Whangarei things are a lot more modest.  I made a small area for vegies a few years ago and just over a month ago increased it.  

 The area on the left in the above photo is the older part.  I picked the lovely green cauliflower and it was delicious.  There are still a variety of greens coming on.  The Italian Parsley has grown huge and gone to seed but should result in plenty of new plants.
 Plenty of weeds that I must get around to attacking.  It is looking a bit dry but rain is forecast for tomorrow.

I am pleased with the result so far.  The new plants have only been in about a month.  Now somewhere I want to squeeze in a tepee to grow some runner beans.  On the far left I have planted the eyes from some Agria potatoes - I can never throw them away and usually get a few potatoes.  I have another small area with Silver Beet (Swiss chard) but it is a bit too shaded now.


  1. Our runner beans have been dreadful this year here in N wales.We have had a really bad summer,well no summer at all really.Good luck .There is so much satisfaction in growing veg.

    1. We had a rotten summer last year so are hoping for a better one this year.

  2. Your little veggie garden is looking fantastic. There's nothing like picking veg straight out of the garden - well done. Will write soon - life a bit hectic at the moment.

  3. I need to get into my garden but each time I have a bit of spare rains LOL!

    Thanks for the loan of the DG book. i can't wait to try out some of her recipes :o)

  4. Instead of rain we have strong north westerlies and I have just put up a windshield for part of the garden. Could do without this. Hope they all survive.

  5. Chard is wonderful stuff. I would grow it rather than almost anything else.