Sunday, March 24, 2013


When we moved here there were just four fruit trees on the property - the obligatory grapefruit and lemon as well as a most delicious plum and an apple which I think is a Royal Gala.

I have been fighting codlin moth and possums and finally picked the last of the apples a couple of days ago.  They are delicious and I didn't want to let the possums have any more of them.

I have not planted any more fruit trees.

It has been a busy weekend with a family wedding and visitors from various parts of New Zealand as well as Perth.  The wedding was lovely - the marriage itself took place on a beach similar to ones I have pictured recently and the reception was in a marquee on a lawn with a delightful stream running around it.  As it got dark night lights were lit in the trees.

I am now exhausted.


  1. I bet those trees looke wonderful, I love sillouette trees at the best of times and with fairy lights even better.

  2. I would be saving them from the possums too ! they look so good. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the wedding as well.

  3. I looks Iike you saved a nice uncheck from the possums. I used to have fruit trees but they were so much work. Now I just have ornamentals and get to enjoy the beauty of the blossoms without the hassle of keeping pests away from the trees.

  4. Can't beat home grown apples - as for the possum pesky thing!

  5. They look lovely, well worth the fight. Since we have been 'growing our own' vegetables, I have noticed that it really is a battle ground out there...whatever crops you grow there is something else wanting to eat it!

  6. Those apples look delicious. The wedding sound lovely - haven't been to a wedding for yonks. It was my daughter's 22nd wedding anniversary yesterday

  7. The wedding sounds very atmospheric, I love lights in the garden at night.

  8. Would you recommend a Royal Gala for my new orchard?

  9. How nice to have such a good variety of fruit trees, Susan. Those apples look delicious. The wedding sounds memorable, even if you're now feeling the effects of all that celebrating.

    1. At least no hangover - I was on antibiotics for a sinus infection - don't drink much at the best of times.