Thursday, March 7, 2013

Parkinson Walk 4th March continuation Reotahi Walkway

On Monday we met at the same car park and walked along the coast in the other direction.

There were some lovely little bays.  You look across the harbour to the Oil Refinery.

A drought has been declared and the temperatures are hot for us - 29 degrees C. forecast today with 30 tomorrow.

Apparently there is no sign of real rain for the rest of the month.  We had a lovely shower yesterday afternoon of 3mm which is the most we have had since the new year.


  1. That red ship seems to have everything in the boot!

  2. That is hot. Last year with the drought it drove the hay prices up with shortages. Many farms are loosing animals as they do not have the money to feed them. very sad indeed it is.

  3. In the last photo are there orchids growing on the branches? It always pays to click on your images.

    1. Not orchids but I haven't been able to find out what they are.

  4. That looks such a lovely walk. It's been wet, grey and cold here - an indoors day for baking and not much else.

  5. It does look like you had a beautiful walk - the scenery out there is lovely isn't it?
    You commented on my blog and I couldn't find an email address for you!! Just to let you know that the gorgeous little shop I showed was at Kihikihi, just south of Te Awamutu. Yes a long way to go isn't it, but we did have fun!!