Tuesday, January 6, 2015


My stepdaughter has just sent me photos of the mail box her partner has built.  I thought it was too good not to share so checked with Jamie this morning to see if he minded me putting it on my Blog so here it is:

Sue said  "We had it decorated with Xmas lights and it has been admired by many in the street.  Our neighbours across the street have had their grandchildren staying and they're convinced that it is a fairy castle (the grandchildren that is) and they have been coming across after dark to look at the "fairy/Xmas lights."  Cute."

They live in the Southern Highlands between Sydney and Canberra.  When I spoke to Jamie this morning he said it is not finished yet and he still has gargoyles to add to it.  So an update will follow


  1. That is wonderful, Susan. I share the children's reaction. it is a shame that bills will have to occupy it.

  2. I think he'll now have to built the house (castle) to go with it.

  3. It's magical - I would love a castle for my post box!
    Happy New Year!

  4. It's fantastic - love the little pink door.