Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Parkinson's Walking Group visited Pataua South

It felt like spring yesterday as we drove out to Pataua South for our Monday Parkinson's walk.  We walked along the beach (some going on around by the camping ground and back behind the houses).

We took drinks and eats with us and had them at one of the many tables set out along the beach then walked across the bridge to Pataua North and had a short walk there before returning to Whangarei.

The bike riding is coming on well.  Feel a bit more secure and not quite so wobbly now.  I suppose 55 years is quite a long time!!!


  1. I like the bridge, and the final picture looks beautiful.

  2. To drive from one end of the bridge to the other would take about an hour and a half.People in Pataua North go over the footbridge to get their groceries.