Sunday, August 30, 2015


Many years ago I made a toy for the cat we had at the time.  It was way before we had Kath and Kim which is ten years - possibly 15 years.

This toy has been a favourite and I am amazed how it has survived.  I am sure a shop-bought toy would have succumbed many years ago.

Both Kath and Kim have enjoyed playing with it but now that Kim is our sole cat it has been attacked quite frequently.  

It gets held, kicked and bitten and, as you can see it is getting a little worse for wear.  It is just an old sock rolled up and tucked into itself then sewn with a piece of bias binding as the tail.  In other words odd items that were handy when I decided to make it.

It has always been affectionately known as The Rat.


  1. If only all Rats looked like that.

  2. A little tatty, but so easy to make a new one, but maybe the old is best for now. Definitely my kind of rat, I freak out totally at the sight of a real one, no matter how far away.

  3. Have had more than one real one brought home as a present!!! Just one still alive.

    The sock one has been a favourite toy for so long.

  4. We have one such favorite toy sitting on a shelf in the library, cat long gone toy still there.

  5. Kim obviously loves her little home made rat. She must miss her best friend very much.