Thursday, October 5, 2017


"No Feet" has been visiting Doug for about 6 years.  She was visiting while Doug's former wife was alive.  He assures me that it is the same bird and that she is female.

Sometimes she disappears for a couple of months.  Apparently, when she first came she was in a sorry state and was very skinny but, over the years she has fattened up.  Doug always had trouble feeding her without the  others diving down and taking the food he gave her.  Yesterday he noticed, for the first time,  that she was chasing the other birds away.


  1. My guess is she lost them when she was a baby and has grown up not knowing anything amiss. She does look very healthy and I'm sure she is happy knowing where the food will be.

    1. She is often gone for a few days and then arrives and just sits in the drive waiting to be fed.

  2. Nice! Glad she's been looked after.

  3. I've not seen a Gull with no feet, but I have seen plenty of Pigeons. I wonder where they lose them?