Monday, December 30, 2013


                                               Up to date photo taken this morning.

I am 70 years young to-day and find it hard to believe.  That was one of the reasons for the walk over Mt. Aubrey posted yesterday.

For years when I was still caring for Max I was unable to have a decent walk so really appreciate the walks that Doug and I go on.

In spite of the odd ache I am still fit and aim to keep that way.

One of the reasons for lack of time and energy to blog is that at the beginning of August I started on the Lumosity Brain Training games.  I had always been too tired when caring for Max to attempt a Crossword or Code Cracker but had started doing them and felt the brain training may help.

It is amazing - now I must admit how low my "Brain Performance Index" was as in August it was 296 but has now risen to 1141 and I have noticed a huge difference when doing Code Cracker.  Yesterday, I had got nearly to the top of my age group but today move into a new age group.

I have decided that 70 is the new middle age.

Main present was a fishing rod!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, yes, 70 is a good age, enjoy the gifts, and maybe some fish as well!!! Have a great day, greetings from Jean

  2. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your new Middle Age!!

  3. 70 is the new 40. Sue have a fabulous birthday. Love from Molly xx

  4. Haha! 70 is the new 50, eh? Happy birthday!!! I'm only a year behind you! I must look into these brain training games, I think I need them!

  5. Happy 70th Birthday Susan!! All the best for the coming year!

  6. VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wasn't going to mention the number because Lady Magnon keeps reminding me that I'm not that far behind you.

    Fishing rod? I had thought of buying you a Pogo Stick.

  7. Many happy returns, Susan, and well done on the brain training. I'm only a couple of years behind you and my brain training is sudoku. :-)

  8. Oh sounds like a wonderful birthday - care giving does limit what you can do
    Hope you have a wonderful, abundant, peaceful 70th year filled with much love.

  9. ps I just had a look at the Lumosity Brain Training games it looks great! What package do you recommend

    1. When I read that I couldn't remember different plans but I just checked and I have "Full Access - 2 year plan" I think I must have thought that was best value without going for the lifetime one.

  10. A very Happy Birthday to you.
    Love from Mum

  11. Love your picture Sue.So glad you had a good birthday xx

  12. You look radiant and I hope you had a wonderful birthday.