Saturday, December 5, 2015


I am back again.  Not sure what has kept me from blogging - just life I suppose.

My father and his best friend "Uncle" John used to go on walking holidays in the Lake District quite frequently.  Dad always brought back some Kendal Mint cake so, when I came across this in the Supermarket here, I couldn't resist it.  I bought the brown one which was always my favourite.

I know that it is 100% sugar and I shouldn't really be eating it (it is still in the wrapper).  I will most likely try it on one of our walks.

I googled Kendal Mint cake and discovered that Sir Edmund Hillary and Sirdar Tensing took it with them when they scaled Everest.  To find out what a Kendal Mint cake is  see HERE

Had my diabetic eye check yesterday and was told to keep going on as I am as there is no sign of damage to my eyes so that is good.


  1. Enjoy your cake and the memories.

  2. I will but it is not cake but a slab of a mint sweet.

  3. Yes the brown one was definitely the best. It was the highlight of father's holidays.

    1. I was really surprised to find it on the supermarket shelves here, but suppose everything is available globally now.

  4. I am sure the sugar (high) helped Sir Edmund scale the mountain faster.

  5. Yes, I am sure it did. Very tasty as well.