Thursday, November 30, 2017

Another visit to the Sculptureum

This morning we headed south on State Highway 1 as far as Waipu and then turned off and went down the coast road to Mangawhai and over the hill to Matakana thus by-passing most of the State Highway with its road works and trucks.

It was a wonderful day (well it is the first day of summer tomorrow so, hopefully, that is a sign of things to come) and a lovely drive through lush valleys.

It was good to see the gardens in spring as it was autumn when we visited last time.

The meal was as delicious as last time and I had intended to take a photo but only remembered too late.

After lunch we went into the indoor gallery where there were some new installations.

                                              Head of a young woman by Paul Cezanne

                     This was made from a block of wood made from several olive trees.

                                                         These were made from plastic ties.


  1. Replies
    1. If you are back this way I thoroughly recommend it - not cheap but great

  2. That looks fun, I particularly like the tapestry head and the small dogs.

    1. Yes, the tapestry made out of newspaper was great as were all the exhibits.