Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Tomatoe sweet 'n Neat red in a pot

Two varieties of potatoe - Purple Passion and Agria

One of many Fuschia


Geranium (or pelargonium) 

Lots of shrubs of this lovely rose


Another Alstroemia

                                  More geraniums (or pelargoneums)

Another Alstroemeria

                                              Not sure of the name of this (Daisy?)

                               I thought these were all courgettes but a couple look different

                                                           Black cherry tomatoe

Bloody Butcher tomatoe

Russian Red tomatoe

                                                               Sunflowers and Tansy

Scarlet Runners

Silver Beet. Kale and lettuce

                                                                  Another Fuschia

                        Some climbing beans from seeds I had kept for a couple of years.

Radish and, underneath, carrots

There are also some smaller tomatoe plants for a variety just called Red. An old variety from Yates Seeds.

Also, a Port Albert heritage cucumber and a Lebanese cucumber  plus some other odds and ends.  Hopefully, we will be eating well - weather and bugs permitting.


  1. You are a fair way ahead of us, but I have one white Amaryllis out, and buds on what looks like a dark red/with green stripes??

  2. Before we went away we had a working bee to get everything done and everything is growing really well. One neighbour is digging potatoes and I see another has flowers on theirs.

  3. My garden is now almost empty; just a few 'greens' for winter. Are 'Potatoe' and 'Tomatoe' (with an 'e') official NZ spellings?

    1. Just the way I have always spelt them. Having just checked the dictionary I see the "e" is only used in the plural.

    2. Some also spell the plural without the added 'e'.

    3. I have always thought that without the "e' was the way it was spelt in the U. S. of A.

    4. Their spelling gets everywhere!

    5. I will stick to tomatoe and potatoe.

  4. It's looking good! And your vegs are romping away. Mine are doing better this year, last years crops mainly went to the birds and bugs.

    1. Yes, it is looking good so far. Have just been on a short trip down to Raglan and Waitomo and we had a rush to get seeds and seedlings planted before we went away.

  5. Replies
    1. Last night we had a storm but luckily no damage.

  6. Love your garden, sad to say living in an apartment we don't really have one but I do have some large pots on my deck containing some vibrant geraniums and lavender.

    1. Finally managing to get into it. Wish these cold winds would abate.