Friday, April 2, 2021


It has been another busy week.  The forecast heavy rain did not eventuate until last night and it was steady rather than heavy.

On Tuesday it stayed fine.  Doug had an appointment in town in the morning and nearly 3 year old great-grand-daughter came for lunch with her mother (the highlight of the week).  Unfortunately, they could only stay for 90 minutes as we had appointments in town in the afternoon as well.  We then did a little shopping.

Wednesday and Thursday flew by.  I had my exercise class on Wednesday - designed to prevent falls and have also done some baking.

Doug has been working on the outside covered deck.  I am sure we are not the only ones who have people coming and do a tidy up.  We have the Parkinson walking group coming for their caffeine fix on Monday.  Not sure how many, it was 16 last week but is usually about 12 or 13.    Doug has built a new bench and made room so that we can have electric jugs there for tea coffee making and putting out the mugs etc.  He has also given it all a thorough clean.  It all gets regular vacuuming and brushing and I am sure no-one but us will notice any difference but it is a good excuse to do an "Autumn Clean" getting ready for winter.

The temperatures have been good - in the 20's with 25° on Wednesday.  At least with the rain we had last night we won't have to water the garden tonight.

Tomorrow is Market day again and we will try to be early as it is usually busier on Public Holiday weekends.  Daylight Savings ends tomorrow night thank goodness as it is still dark at 7 a.m. and we are tending to sleep in.

Flowers have been moved from the tables ready for Monday.

Space for the Electric Jugs and two new boxes that Doug made to hold gardening bits and pieces with the new bench top above the shoes for mugs etc.


  1. Everything looks clean and tidied up, well done.

  2. Doug is very handy, well done on the flowers, they look pretty