Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Health Services

15 months or so ago I had a very painful cyst on my left breast.  It was lanced and finally settled down but didn't go away and on Christmast Day, 2010 it reappeared and after being lanced once again took some time to settle.

I was referred to the Breast Clinic and had a mammogram and ultrasound that confirmed there was no cancer.  Yesterday, I went back to the clinic and was expecting to be told that as it had settled down and there was no cancer nothing more would be done.

I got a shock when I was told it needed to be removed and would be done in Kaitaia.  KAITAIA IS 150KMS AWAY AND WE MOVED DOWN HERE TO BE CLOSER TO MEDICAL SERVICES.

After thinking about it overnight I have said I would rather have it done here in Whangarei.  There is too much to think about - I am not a good traveller and with painful shoulders would not be happy driving myself (don't like driving at the best of times).  If I went by the hospital bus which brings patients down from Kaitaia on a daily basis I would have to stay two nights which would mean arranging care for my other half and the cats.  I think my stress level is pretty high at present which always makes everything else seem more complicated.

I gather the reason for going to Kaitaia is a shorter waiting list but I just went to the hospital for my pre-op check and was told my urgency is 80% so it shouldn't take too long anyway.  It will be good to get it over and done with and, hopefully, get rid of the constant low level pain that accompanies it.

This getting old is no fun at times - not that I admit to old age yet.

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