Monday, May 16, 2011

Clinical Pilates

About seven months ago I tore a tendon in my right shoulder.  It is finally starting to heal after months of physio.  However, I twisted my neck and hurt my left shoulder a couple of weeks ago while putting the wheelie bin out.

I thought some exercises would be good to strengthen my body and, hopefully, stop getting these problems.  The physiotherapist suggested Clinical Pilates and last Monday was my first session. The exercises seemed to be quite gentle but on Tuesday I woke in agony and had to go back to physio to get it worked on.

I went to Pilates again this morning and this afternoon had a session at physio - so far there is no more pain than usual.

I have never been one for organised exercise although I have always walked a lot and used to get plenty of exercise working on our previous five acre property (but perhaps not the correct exercise!!)

I have a lot more planned for this life  so will see how long I manage to keep up with the exercise class and whether it helps.  More later......


  1. I think mine is slowly on the mend... another week or so.... or is that wishful thinking?

  2. Hope it is - isn't it the middle of the night over there?

  3. I've never done organised exercises either but I can identify with plenty of exercise you had on your five acres:0) Sue, hope the physio works and keeps the pain at bay.