Monday, April 29, 2019


For about 6 or 7 years Doug has had a mesh cage for Monarch caterpillars.  The problem is that the Asian wasps attack the caterpillars and kill them so we put them into the cage with some Swan Plant, a type of milkweed.

Apart from saving the caterpillars from the wasps it also means that if the weather is bad the butterflies can be kept in the cage for a day or two and then released.  Doug didn't count the number of butterflies released this year but last year it was over 300


  1. What a wonderful job Doug is doing. It must be a delightful pleasure to open the cage door and watching them all take flight.

  2. The pictures with the butterflies are lovely!
    Kudos to Doug for his efforts regarding butterfly safety!

  3. Our garden is full of Monarch Butterflies. Wonderful.

  4. What a lovely idea your Doug had! When I was docent at the local butterfly hall, all of our haul came in the form of chrysalises. They were put into a temperature controlled 'hut' until the butterflies emerged. I believe the temp. was 78F/25C. It seemed to do the trick as nary a butterfly was lost.