Tuesday, November 30, 2021

 Just as well we put the decorations up the weekend before last as I had another bout of vertigo this weekend and was good for nothing.  Luckily, I had improved on Monday as it was the Walking Group Morning tea. 14 had said they were coming but we ended up with 18 and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Instead of having Christmas crackers that make a lot of rubbish I printed off just the riddles and they went down well.  

Today I have finally been to the hygienist as my previous appointments were all cancelled because of covid restrictions.  We then went over to Doug's youngest daughter's place and got her van and dog and took him to the Groomers.  She will pick him up when she finishes work.  Yesterday, she worked a 14 hour day so I hope it is a bit shorter today.

First thing this morning I downloaded our Vaccination Certificates although mine showed blank on my phone so I printed it out in the meantime.  We will have to use them from Friday when we go into a new "Traffic Light" system and Northland will start on Red mainly because of the low vaccination rates here.

The oak leaf hydrangea is looking really good this year.

The decorations in the back porch ready for yesterday's morning tea

The vegetables are doing well (and the weeds are as well and show up more in a photo!)

One lettuce picked for tea.


  1. Vertigo is unnerving. I have only had one ear infection that did that and that won't be forgotten!
    Your garden is going well.
    We still have the second plant down, given to us as wedding table decorations. I am finding it difficult to keep it going. It was happier in the new greenhouse and almost flowered...

    1. Yes, vertigo is quite horrible. I am not sure what the plant is that you are keeping from your wedding but good luck with it.

  2. Your summer garden is flourishing. You'll be eating loads of fresh vegetables and salads.
    Love that hydrangea.

    1. Yes, the vegetable garden is doing really well, fingers crossed. One can never take gardening for granted.