Sunday, October 6, 2013


After visiting the glow worm cave Doug suggested we went on a further 5 kms to Kawakawa.  He had been through it many times but never stopped.  We had a walk around the "town" and I was surprised to see that there were two excellent looking butchers and that they both had ox cheek which I have never seen on sale before even though I had it at an expensive Napier Restaurant many years ago (and it was delicious).  Next time I pass through I may well get some if I can find a good recipe beforehand.

Of course, no visit to Kawakawa is complete without seeing the Hundertwasser toilets.  Frederick Hundertwasser first came to New Zealand in 1970 and later took New Zealand citizenship. see here

 We then stopped for a coffee and watched this "thresher???" go down the main street.

This is Hundertwasser's boat.

Anyway I asked Doug if he would like to go on the train as it trundled along the middle of the road while we were walking............. to be continued


  1. Wacky looking town!! I think your 'thresher' is a hay turner. One of those things that puts it all into long lines before being bailed.

    1. Thanks, I knew what it did just couldn't think of the right word!!!!

  2. Lots of quirky things to see in that town, I love the toilets, just goes to show what you can do with a load of broken tiles.

  3. those toilets look very trendy