Friday, October 25, 2013


On Tuesday we went to the Hokianga for a couple of nights staying at the Copthorne in Omapere.  We went the long way around as we wanted to go to some attractions in the Horeke area.

The first was the Mangungu Mission House.  It is still on winter hours so we were unable to go inside  but the view of the upper reaches of the Hokianga Harbour are magnificient.

We set off on a lovely spring morning.

The photo below is of Lake Omapere. with a farm pond in the foreground.

The next two photos are of the Harbour (at low tide) taken from beside the Horeke Tavern

Photos taken from the Mangungu Mission House.  Its history is interesting as it was shipped down to Auckland and much later shipped back up again. see here

The lovely cat that greeted us there.


  1. Aha; there's our Freddie turning up again! This time in NZ.

  2. Looks a wonderful place to visit and the cat could be our Maxwell, love those green eyes.

  3. Great views. Great cat.
    Love from Mum

  4. That looks fabulous. Love the reflections in the water.