Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday- a day of rest

A wet and windy autumn day here today.  I hope it is not a sign of a winter to come.  A good day to do some baking.

First get a batch of fruit buns on the go (Hot Cross Buns minus the crosses).  Once they are on the way make a batch of Jaffa Biscuits and then get the buns shaped and in the hot cupboard to prove. 

By now it is lunch time, Pumpkin and Kumara Soup.  Time to get the Buns in the oven and then get a new loaf of bread underway,  it doesn't sound much when written down but this has taken me most of the day.

The weather forecast is for it to get worse over night with heavy rain and strong easterly winds.

The last of the roses were likely to get a hammering so I picked some last night.


  1. Your menu sounds perfect for a cold blustery day ! The kitchen must have smelt wonderful .

  2. Naturally the word verification on that last comment was ovencts !

  3. The baking looks delicious Sue, hope you found time to put your feet up a bit today! We still have that biting wind here! There's nothing like the aroma of baking on a cold day!

  4. S and S - Thanks for that. I see you are based in London which is where I was prior to emigrating.

    Molly - Sorry to hear you still have the biting wind. Miserable here again but not cold. Still we will try and get some logs split. Worse weather forecast for the weekend.