Saturday, May 28, 2011


After some lovely fine autumn days Thursday was horrible with strong wind and rain blowing in from the north.  Yesterday and today were fine once again but I discovered that our Luculia had shed some branches.  The scent of the flowers was almost overpowering.  I took some cuttings so, hopefully, some good will come from it.

I posted a picture of this bush earlier in the year when it was just coming into flower.  When we arrived here two years ago there was no sign of it under all the weeds.


  1. Still no rain here. Almost 3 months now, and the farmers are getting seriously worried.

  2. What a shame the storm spoilt your bush. The flowers look beautiful. Hope the cuttings take!

  3. Cro - Hope you get some rain soon. The trouble with ours was that it was all so heavy it just ran off. The soil is still quite dry in places.

    Molly - yes, it was a beautiful bush but hopefully the cuttings will take and we will have several of them.