Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Wet Day

The forecasters got it right today and it is hosing down.  The car was booked in for its 6 monthly "Warrant of Fitness" so after dropping my wonderful husband at the Alzheimer's Club for the day I took the car to the garage.

The rain had eased so I walked down to the Whangarei Town Basin for a Flat White.  Unfortunately it didn't ease for long and I got absolutely soaked as I walked back again.

First thing when I got home was to relight the "Pot Belly Cast Iron Stove".  My sodden clothes are drying in front of it, the kettle is heating for afternoon tea, it is heating our hot water and keeping the house warm and dry. I wouldn't be without it.


  1. Sue, there's nothing more comforting than warmth after being out in the wet and cold. Our weather is still unsettled but it is actually quite pleasant. It's a bit hectic here at the moment so my blogging is having to take a bit of a back seat. I added your blog site to my list on the front as well. Hope S is able to follow your blog xx

  2. Molly, Thanks - yes S was able to follow the blog. I can imagine your life would be hectic with the amount of planting you have in your tunnel houses.

  3. Nice stove. Certainly more attractive than ours.

  4. Could do with some more stove polish - another day perhaps!!