Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sand Mandala - 2

Another wonderful day - it must be spring.  We went down to the Town Basin to see the Sand Mandala sprinkled in the river.  This photo was taken just after the sand had been sprinkled in the water followed by everyone throwing in their flowers.

These two shots are looking both up and down river from just above where the ceremony took place.  The white "sails" are a canopy that is being put in place over the old bridge which will be used as an artisan's market.

When we got home this New Zealand Pigeon was in the tree at the bottom of the garden.  Not the best shot as it was taken from a distance from inside the house.


  1. Sounds like a nice ceremony and the monks look so colorful. Spring does look like it is there.

    We are in the beginning of the hurricane here. Torrential winds and rain and for the past hour, tornado warnings. We won't sleep tonight.

  2. Great hats! The white woman dressed as a monk looks a tad incongruous. The Harbour looks really nice.

    Keep your head down SO.

  3. Cro - the white woman is English and has, apparently been with the Buddhist Centre here since its inception. She is a nun, not a monk and looks after the day to day running of the centre - by the sounds of it a housekeeper!!!

  4. Sue that looks wonderful! So glad you were able to see the completion. We have a lovely sunny August Bank Holiday Sunday here too.

  5. A wood pigeon in the garden, you lucky thing. I love those daft birds. I get tuis in my kowhai, but the most prolific birds around here are the blasted magpies.