Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keeping Warm

It has been cold in the mornings here this week but Kath knows all the places to go to keep warm.  The photos are not the best but at about 6 a.m. our new Econoheat panel switches on and when we get up in the morning she is sitting next to it keeping warm.  Then I go and light the pot belly stove which gets very hot but she just loves getting in behind it to get the warmth.

Have spent this week trying to get medicine to correct M.'s low blood pressure - finally today I took him for a blood test - he had to be in town by 8.45.  The traffic was very heavy but luckily I got there just in time as it would have meant a trip back tomorrow.  Looks like the results won't be through till tomorrow - he was prescribed fldrocortisone on Tuesday but the doctor then decided he would check with the geriatrician first hence the blood test.  Tomorrow he comes home so I have my fingers crossed about his health especially over the weekend when most things shut down.


  1. That really is a beautiful stove, it makes mine look very dull in comparison. I hope it'll be at least another two months before ours sees any flame.

  2. Yes, it is better than the stove in our previous property - It was actually installed in 1979 but has hardly been used - we had alterations done to the pipework for the hot water and it works wonderfully.

    There is very little room between the stove and bricks for Kath to get in behind.

  3. We always know where it is the warmest, as that is where the kitties sit. They do like their comfort.

    Love the stove!

  4. Cats love warmth - I know ours do. Hope M's blood test result is a good one.

  5. I lit the pot belly this morning and then noticed water where Kath sits. We had heavy rain in the night and it has come down the outside of the flu.
    I didn't put any more wood on the stove and phoned the man who checks and cleans our chimneys and he is coming this morning. Poor Kath is sitting next to the stove wondering why it is cooling (and the tiles are wet). She does not look happy.

    Off to collect M. shortly. Haven't heard about the blood test yet. Grandson and his partner are coming today for one night so that should cheer him.

    Thanks for all your comments and wishes.