Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sand Mandala

A wonderful clear sunny day today and we went to see Tibetan Monks creating a Sand Mandala.  It takes ten days to create and was nearing completion.  Tomorrow is the closing ceremony when it is blessed and then taken to the river and scattered.  The Buddhist Centre is on the outskirts of Kamo but the Mandala is being created at the new Yvonne Rust Gallery.  Also in the gallery is the Great Plate Auction Exhibition and I took some photos of some of the plates.  Each artist is given a bisque fired ceramic plate and they create a plate in sellable form which is donated to the Gallery.

Well, the pictures didn't all come in the order I expected but they are of some of the plates and the Sand Mandala.  The colours in the Mandala are amazing and it is fascinating to see the fine work being done.  We may go down to the Town Basin tomorrow to see the scattering of the sand in the River.

As you can see there is great variety in the plates many of which have been sold and removed.


  1. What a nice day that must have been for you. It is a beautiful form of art. Hope you take the time to see the completion of the event.

  2. It seems such a shame to destroy them, but I understand that's all part of the discipline.

  3. What a lovely day out for both of you Sue. The work is really beautiful. It would be really nice to go to the Town Basin to see the completion. Hope you're able to. xxx

  4. In absolute awe of the sand Mandala. Beautiful!