Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A new season?

Today dawned bright and clear the forecast is only for 17 degrees C. but it is great to see the sun and not have the cold wind and grey skies of yesterday.  Our plum tree is covered in blossom - the photo is just of a couple of branches low down but the whole tree is like this.

When we arrived here two years ago the tree was in need of a prune which we gave it.  In spite of this it has fruited well - just after Christmas - and the fruit has very kindly ripened in succession.

Let's just hope for another good crop this year.


  1. Bizarrely, some of our trees have started to flower again. I think they've become bemused.

  2. Apparently it was 22 degrees C. here today.

  3. This is weird, I am unable to see the comment as I type it but it seems to post o.k. Perhaps spring is on its way after all with an improvement in temperature.

  4. Ah, the signs of spring. They bring with them so much hope. I hope you weather still keeps improving and that there will be bright days in your future. Right now, enjoy each and every moment.

    What kind of plum tree is that? I am familiar with the ones with pink flowers. I might have seen ones like yours, but never knew it was a plum. It is beautiful!


  5. Arleen, I don't know which plum it is but it is delicious. In our previous 5 acre property we had numerous plums and they all had white flowers.

    The plum recommended for this area is the Louisa but it isn't that.

  6. Sue, that blossom is so beautiful. All the best for next week. Love Molly xxx