Monday, October 3, 2011

Where has spring gone?

I gather that in the Northern Hemisphere summer has returned.  We, however, started to get some lovely weather and it was even too hot to be weeding in the garden.  All this has changed in the last week or so and it turned very cold.

Not so cold today but heavy showers and strong winds with the forecast that a severe storm front could bring damaging tornadoes.  It seems as though winter has returned.

The other evening the sky went almost black and I took this photo from our lounge.  The sky doesn't look as dark in the photo and, in fact, the storm went somewhere else in that instance.

On the home front I have taken M. into a Rest Home today to give me two weeks respite.  I do hope that he likes it (or at least doesn't dislike it).  Even though I know it is necessary it is hard to get rid of the feeling of guilt.

Still he has accepted that I will be going back in two weeks to collect him.  Now all I need is some nice weather in order to do all the things I have planned.


  1. Where has spring gone? I was wondering 'where has SH gone!'

    Yes beautiful weather here. Still about 30 degrees C every day, and the pool is getting plenty of use. It can't last; it's October for goodness sake!

  2. re your prob: Someone else had the same trouble recently, and it was suggested 'signing out' then re 'logging-in'. Apparently it worked!

  3. We have gotten a taste of fall these past few days, but will return to warmer weather later on this week. This whole year has been disappointing for us with a very rainy spring, extreme heat in summer and rain, rain, rain since mid-August. With what has been happening, I fear what winter will bring us.

    Guilt is difficult to deal with, but try to enjoy your time and regain your strengh. I hope everyday will hold bright skies and warm weather for you.

  4. thanks Cro, when I went back to my blog after posting the comment on yours I found I could post comments once again. Wierd.