Friday, October 21, 2011


A lovely sunny spring day but with a chill wind.  Everything is bursting into life.  At the beginning of this month I posted a photo of plum blossom, now it is in leaf with small fruit forming.  The bay tree that had been in a pot for years and got planted out last summer is bursting into fresh growth, the roses are in bud and the huge Australian Frangipane is covered in its lovely yellow blossoms.

The garden I made last summer and planted with acanthus, bergenia,  oak leafed and variegated hydrangea is coming on well

I must try and find the energy to pull out the last of the broccolli,  put in a teepee and sow some beans.


  1. We've just had out first two cold nights of winter.

  2. We have still had cold nights but it has been 23 degrees today which is a bit better.

  3. Our weather is just beautiful, high 60's F, the sun is shinning and you can feel that crispness of fall. Most of my summer flowers are still blooming, but will be put to sleep this weekend as our first frost usually comes in early November. I don't want to be out there pulling plants up in the cold.

    I envy you now enjoying the promises of spring. However, fall is wonderful also. Winter sucks!

  4. Sue you sound industrious. Your garden looks lovely. We've had cold chilling winds here today - it's log fires and chunky sweater time any time from now on