Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yesterday I had coffee with a friend who  has an avocado tree that is laden but she has trouble picking them.  The tree is planted on a steep slope.  We still have the pickers from our previous property so I went and picked some for her (and me) this morning.  Yum,  we are both pleased with the arrangement.

I also went to visit M. in the rest home.  They are going to move him to a room closer to the nursing station which is good.  Apparently, he has been wandering at night and causing chaos when he has inadvertently gone into the room of the lady next to him.

He was actually very bright when I visited and we took his coffee outside onto the deck and had a chat there.  he needed reassuring that he will be coming home again.  The trouble is he forgets and then gets worried that he is in there for good.  He seems quite happy to be there for a fortnight and I explained that in six weeks he will be back for another fortnight.

Anyway, I think his new room is a lot better - it is closer to the heart of the building and looks over the deck.  I hope he will settle in there.

When I got home our wonderful handyman was here - yesterday he put some batons on the top of the fence and today he painted it - I am thrilled with the result.  The top photo is the one after he had painted it for us.  There is still a lot more to do but we are getting there slowly.


  1. I remember the shinagins some of the Alzheimer's patients got into when I worked in a nursing home. I also remember them 'hopping into the wrong bed' more than once, and late night searches for 'escapees'.

  2. I feel he will be better when he is in the new room closer to the nurses station - just hope he can then remember where his new room is. I had hoped they would have an alarm mat for by his bed but they didn't have any spare. The previous Rest Home he was in had the mat and could tell when he got out of bed.

    It must be difficult especially if there are many Alzheimer's patients.

  3. I wish we could grow avocados here. Good to see you've got sunshine....

  4. It's so good that M is settling and that you are able to take a little bit of time-out with your friend. Can I borrow your handyman:0)

  5. Cro - What about trying an avocado in a sheltered spot. If you keep the frost off it while it is young it could do all right.

    Molly - Yes it was great to have some "me time" - yes my handyman is wonderful. I could really keep him busy full time. Still, we are getting there slowly.