Saturday, May 26, 2012


Growing up there were always fresh garden flowers in the house and this is something I have always continued.  Even though it is well into autumn now it is amazing how many flowers are still around.  This is my main vase at present.  (Now why did the photo come up above this paragraph rather than underneath it!!!)

There are some late roses, lavender, alstroemeria, a gorgeous camellia and some lovely dark leaves the name of which eludes me.

I don't mind some dust as long as there are flowers, no that isn't right , I don't mind dust anyway, flowers or not but there must always be flowers.

Have just picked a couple of bunches of flowers - violets for a friend whose husband died suddenly a year ago tomorrow and some mixed garden flowers for a lady who has invited me to lunch today to meet up with some old friends who are in Whangarei for a couple of days.


  1. Hi Susan, is the bush with the lovely purple leaves a Lophomyrtus, or Red Dragon? The florists use this a lot, and we have a small one here. Your vases of flowers are such a bright spot in a dull day, lovely colours, and also lovely to give as a gift, extra special. Definitely autumn, leaves all over the lawn,cold mornings, time to be indoors quilting. Cheers from Jean.

  2. We're hopeless about flowers; we hardly ever have them in the house. As for the dust, we openly encourage it; at least that's the impression we give.

  3. Dusting seems a pointless exercise. No sooner is it done than more appears.

  4. They're lovely. I'm having to put the lid on the dust too.