Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Walk - 28th May

As forecast this morning dawned with heavy rain however by 9.30 a.m. when our walk starts it had cleared.  We met at the Clapham Clock Museum at the Town Basin and walked past the Waka and Wave sculpture to the end of the peninsula where we could see the new  bridge being built.  At this stage the clouds darkened and there were a few spots of rain.

On our return we had coffee in one of the cafe's and I went to the Whangarei Art Museum where there are exhibitions of their own paintings including the Goldie and an exhibition of Papua New Guinea Art.

                                                              Boatsheds on the river
                                                 The waka (canoe) and wave sculpture
                                            Building the new bridge
                                              The hillside on the other side of the river
                                             The waka and wave sculpture on the way back
                                               The tail end of the waka
                                                Reyburn House (Northland Society of Arts Gallery)

                                            Papua New Guinea paintings
Whangarei's Goldie painting (repatriated from the New Zealand Embassy in London by former Prime Minister, Helen Clarke)


  1. Lovely scenary, tho' looks cool and dampish.

  2. Lovely photos Susan, and the reflections, the water was so still for you. So good when the forecast for rain does not turn into a deluge. Cheers from jean

  3. Good for you for not letting the dreary weatherstop you from your walk.

  4. The sculpture is enormous. Thanks for the tour.

  5. Your Monday morning walks sound like such a good, enjoyable idea, Susan. I always enjoy the photos of your countryside.

  6. Yes, several of us awoke to the sound of rain and nearly turned over and went back to sleep but decided to brave it and were pleased we had.

  7. The tail of the waka (in the sixth photo) is in the water at high tide which makes it look spectacular.

  8. The cooler weather is probably more suitable for a long walk. A spot of rain never harmed anyone. I like those boat sheds.

  9. Yes, the boat sheds are great. Hope to do a bigger walk on Saturday - will see how I go - it is up the "hill" on the other side of the river.