Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The past week

Even though M. is now in the dementia unit the stress is still there.  Last week he had three falls.  On Tuesday I took him to the doctor as he had cut his head and elbow and the G.P. was unable to visit the Home.  I also stayed with him for several hours to keep him sitting down as he kept getting up and wandering and was very unsteady on his feet.  Luckily he appears not to have hurt himself in the other two falls.

Yesterday, I had to get him to the Hospital by 9 a.m. for an appointment to check his Glaucoma.  I ordered a wheelchair taxi and this made things a lot easier.  He got quite upset with the standard eye test and so they didn't try the visual fields test.  After the specialist had checked his eyes he said that the Glaucoma is under control with the eye drops and there is no need for another appointment for 18 months.

I have not been on the last two Parkinson's walks because of other commitments (yesterday's eye appointment and a vinyl layer coming last week) but have started going to a new Scottish Country Dancing class that has started in Kamo.

The Monarch caterpillars have not done very well.  The first little bush got eaten up completely but I shifted several to another one.  Unfortunately, only three have survived.  I think it was praying mantis as I have found a couple on the bushes.  Anyway, I have just brought two chrysalises inside and there is one caterpillar that has just gone into the "J" shape prior to the chrysalis stage and I will bring that inside later.

I hope it isn't too hot for them as I have two fires going today but it is rather too cold for them outside.


  1. Sorry Susan Heather - I accidently deleted your comment.

    HLSS is abbreviation for Home Living Support Service, I am a volunteer driver for the service in this region, driving (mostly elderly persons, to medical and hospital appointments throughout the region.

  2. It must be terrible living with someone who has dementia. Rhonda, my wife, is a registered nurse who works in a Care Facility that has a dementia unit. My ex-client who died yesterday was a resident in the dementia unit and we are now worried about her husband - who was devoted to her - and how he will cope!

  3. This is such a hard road to travel. Good for you for staying busy.

  4. Scottish Dancing? I did once have a go myself (above a pub in Farnham), but only for five minutes!

    1. apparently it helps prevent both dementia and osteoporosis it also makes one out of breath.

  5. Scottish dancing seems somewhat ambitious. Good for you!

  6. Oh Sue. It must be hard coping. Glad you're able to get out a little bit though.

  7. My Scottish Dancing friend says "Keep your feet down Jeneane, you're not Morris dancing now."

    Lovely to have you visit Susan Heather. Fancy Cro's sister being a New Zealander! This sounds like a difficult time. I'd like to send you some hazelnuts to plant if you would like to email me your address. The possums don't eat them here, though I'm sure they would if they could get into the shells.