Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rest Home Update 19 July

First, thank you to everyone for your support.

Yesterday there was a change of plan and I took M. in to the surgery for his Aclasta (for osteoporosis) as well as my own appointment.

They were very good and he had two nurses and doctor looking after him at one stage.  He slept through most of the process.

I got some antibiotics for my sinus/ear infection and was able to discuss the suggested re-assessment with the G.P.  He was not particularly in favour of the change but if it does go ahead he recommended another Rest Home close by and I have been in touch with them.

I have had tremendous support from the other carers in our group and one has referred me to an Anglican Rest Home Support Lady - I was at the doctors when she phoned but we will catch up at some stage and I will find out what support she can offer.

Cold here today.  There was a frost but I kept the curtains closed until it had disappeared - still the two fires have been going all day.

I visited M. to cut his hair and he had another fall in the early morning and has a swollen, hot knee.  They were waiting to hear back from the G.P.  I called in to see if I could take him to another G.P. in the practice but they were all fully booked.

I was also asked to sign a consent for them to use a restraint in the form of a belt to keep him in his chair (to stop him getting up and falling).  I did this and it will be reviewed on Monday.  They monitor him at least every 1/4 hour and walk him every 3/4 hour.  If it stops him falling it will be worth it.

I have just had a call from the Needs Assessor.  She was going to do the assessment on Tuesday but when I mentioned his swollen knee she said that must be sorted first so that she can do an assessment of his mobility.  I should hear from her again tomorrow.

I do feel happier about it now although it all depends on what Rest Home has a vacancy when the assessment has been done.


  1. Susan ,all these things are stressful, take time, and there sometimes seem to be so many people involved.I do hope it will be sorted very soon, harder for you than your man.Yes, frosts here as well, but, so much sunshine I have had washing on the line 2 days running.What a joy to hang it out knowing no rain is anywhere near. Cheers,Jean.

  2. I'm glad you're getting some help. And I hope your infection clears up - that's the last thing you need! Very cold here too, frosty mornings followed by a beautiful day.

  3. Sorry not to have been commenting, Susan, but I'm back now. I'm glad you're getting treatment for your own illness and that your husband's assessment is moving forward appropriately. If he can find a place in a good home close enough for you to visit easily that would be the best possible outcome.