Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday 24th July

This is the teddy bear that Joanne commented on in my last post.  I just like the way he sits on the edge of a shelf.

Well today was going to be the day my hubby was assessed to see if he now needs Hospital Level Care. Unfortunately, he has had a red swollen knee and swollen leg for several days and, in spite of antibiotics, it has been getting worse - cellulitis.  I had asked several times whether he should be ambulanced in to the Hospital.  Finally, last night I got a call from the home at about 8.30 p.m. and they ambulanced him in.  I drove in and we waited for three hours and finally a lovely doctor came and looked at him.  They kept him in the Emergency Dept overnight and I got home at 2 a.m.

He is now on a ward and they are keeping him in at least one more night and, hopefully, he will then be able to have his assessment - it would be good if he could go straight to the new Hospital Level Rest Home straight from the hospital - I am going to see the social worker on the ward when I go in after some lunch.  I think the adrenaline is pumping around my body at a great rate at present.

Heavy mist all day and now it has got quite dark and has started to rain.  Hopefully it will pass while I have some soup and ease off for me to drive to the Hospital.


  1. I love your bear. He looks like quite a bear of the world type gentleman. He sits up very straight and has that air of sophistication about him.

    You must take care of yourself Susan. It seems like your world is very unsteady and there is so much on your plate. I wish I lived nearby to help you out.

  2. Susan, I find it so hard to understand why staff had not acted earlier,Cellulitis is so painful, so I do hope they get the treatment right, and yes, a trip directly to the next home would be so much better.Take care, once the decision is made, you should feel a lot better,Cheers, jean

  3. He reminds me a bit of Paddington Bear. Yes, please look after yourself; I wish you could put a foot down and stop all the nonsense with the hospital!

  4. Thanks to all of you. I have just visited and saw the Social Worker who told me he will be assessed tomorrow (by someone else as he is now in hospital) and then will go direct to the new Home in a day or so. I phoned the new Rest Home and was told she has to wait for word from the Assessment team. I just hope the bed is still available, but I am sure it will all work out.

    I am just going to put my feet up and read for a while.

  5. Dear Susan - what a very stressful time you are going through - do hope all of the problems resolve themselves in the way that you hope for.

  6. I feel for you. In the past I have taken myself home in the early hours after settling Mr.T in hospital after his various illnesses. Its draining but I always found the strength to carry on and I'm sure you will as well.
    Good luck with everything, lets hope someone sees sense and sorts it all out for you and hubby.
    By the way, Mr.T is okay at the moment, they say creaking gates hang longest and he sure is one creaking gate, but lovely with it..

  7. Hoping it works out for the best for both you and your hubby.

  8. I hope this hospital stay will help him turn the corner, and the new home is able to take him on as soon as he is discharged.

    Ideally, as I understand it from when my sister had it a year or two ago, cellulitis should ideally have been treated with IV antibiotics before now, so he doesn't get feverish. With his existing level of confusion one wouldn't want a high temeperature as well...

    All bits crossed the proper care he needs for his various conditions is now forthcoming

  9. Like everyone else, I hope that your husband's cellulitis will be successfully treated and that he can move straight to the new home when he is discharged.