Saturday, July 21, 2012

Winter Flowers

It still amazes me the variety of flowers I can pick in the garden at this time of year.

On the home front my hubby is being assessed on Tuesday but I am sure that hospital level will be the decision so I must now find a new Rest Home for him.  I just hope that there is a bed at the one that has been recommended.  Stress levels are on the rise again.


  1. That top picture looks like an old Dutch master (apart from the electrical thingy).

  2. I took two photos of that vase which is just a couple of pieces of rhododendron stuck in the vase with one orchid stem. The first looked nothing marvellous and was deleted but that one I thought looked quite good. The switch is for the underfloor heating that we were told no longer works, when we purchased, so we have never tried it.

  3. Is that a little wooden cat looking on?

    1. Joanne, no he is a little teddy bear - I will post a photo of him.