Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spring is coming

The magnolia are in full flower and the bulbs are starting so spring can't be too far away.  There have also been far too many deaths among friends we left behind in the north and we always reckon spring and autumn are the worst time for deaths.

One of the funerals I would  like to have attended this week was that of a former neighbour.  She was the eldest girl in a family of nine girls and four boys (Same father, two mothers).  All the girls were named after flowers and her sister, Pansy, died just five days before her.  Rose was an amazing lady and we first met her when we moved north and were given her name when we needed firewood.  She cut and sold firewood among many other things to support herself and her son.  We attended both her 80th and 90th birthdays and many other family occasions.  We will miss her.


  1. Passings are difficult, and it matters not the age as the longer we have these people to love, the harder it Is to let them go.

    We are about to go into fall, but I do love summer, despite all the heat and humidity, and I hate to see its end. I am going to try to be positive about what may befall us in Pennsylvania in the coming months and enjoy the peace and tranquility that winter may hold.

    Enjoy all the wonders of spring, dear friend, and take in all the joys you can of the beginnings of life.

  2. I try to avoid funerals. Of course occasionally one's attendance is obligatory, but even then I usually do a quick exit. If your friend was over 90, she'd had a pretty good innings, but it's always difficult to say goodbye.

    Autumn is galloping forwards here. September already.

  3. It sounds like your friend had a wonderful long lived out life, or hopefully so. Spring there, as we are heading towards Fall here. I spied some Maple trees with their leaves turned colour already.

  4. Autumn is rapidly approaching over here, Susan, but the weather is still good. Sorry about your old friend, but at her age, thanksgiving for a good long life must have been the keynote of her funeral.

  5. The weather's been gorgeous here today but the days are drawing in fast now and so much colder in the evenings. Sorry to hear about your friend - it's always sad when someone dies.