Friday, September 28, 2012

Wet Day - Kindness

First - thank you for all the kind comments yesterday.

I had thought that I was near the end of this "virus?" but no, it returned with a vengeance along with the rain not long after yesterday's post.  We have had rain or drizzle for most of the last 24 hours so it has been a good day to stay in bed.

This morning the phone rang and it was Lynn - my hairdresser who hails from north Wales.  One of the ladies that came to help while my hubby was still at home had asked her how I was as she had heard I was sick.

Lynn wanted to run errands for me and this she did in the pouring rain and when she returned she had a bunch of Alstroemerias from her garden for me. Mine are nowhere near flowering yet. Thank you Lynn - you are a treasure.

I have just ventured down the garden for the first time in days to sprinkle some slug bait around my Italian Brocolli - I am very pleased with them as they have not been in for long.



  1. Ha ! it seems so funny you are tending to broccoli while my tomatoes have suffered now from frost. Flowers are wonderful to wake up to in the mornings and look upon through the days. Friends are even more lovely then the flowers.

  2. So glad you had a kind friend to help you out. Hope this virus is over soon.