Thursday, September 27, 2012

Feeling Down

On Monday, after the walk I visited my other half in the rest home and then a friend from Kaitaia who is down here in Whangarei Hospital after a fall.

I was fine then but I spent most of Monday night sitting on the toilet and felt rotten.  I felt a little better on Tuesday but stayed in bed and was unwell again in the night.

I phoned the hospital yesterday to see how my friend is and was told she was fine but today I was told she is in isolation.  They wouldn't tell me what she has but I know Norovirus is around in the hospital and some rest homes.  I don't think that is what I have.  Hopefully, tomorrow, I will feel like getting up and possibly going outside.

People have been wonderful - someone came and split firewood for me.  Another bought me some chicken breasts and bananas at the supermarket and yet another delivered free range eggs to me today.

I know that I could phone one of several people and they would help.  I still feel down though and it is because at times like this I miss my darling hubby as he once was.  Anyone in New Zealand who reads this I had a call last night to tell me that there is an excellent article on Alzheimer's in the latest (October) issue of North and South magazine - I haven't seen it yet but , once I am out and about I will buy it.

Anyway, on a more cheerful note the garden is showing signs of spring.  These photos are all from inside. The wisteria was a small plant growing in the middle of a flax bush  but is starting to come away and will, hopefully, cover the pergola in due course.  The perpetual wallflower spent many years in a pot (we brought it with us three years ago) but has flourished since being planted out.

I think I am finally finding my way about this new Blogger!!


  1. Four minutes later and it is pouring with rain.

  2. If you are not feeling well by tomorrow, you should definitely call the doctor.

  3. oh dear Susan! {{hugs}} I hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Hospitals are full of germs.... get well soon!

  5. The Norovirus is horrible. Hope you're feeling better soon. Hugs from me too.

  6. Maybe you picked something up while visiting at the hospital. So sorry you are feeling down & hope more signs of Spring will bring you back up further. We had our first ground frost here this morning, a sure sign Winter is looming ahead. Be better... "Just Me"

  7. ((HUGS))) I bet you miss your dh of how he was - it must be a very hard adjustment for you. I'm glad you have friends popping in.
    Hope the bug passes soon - not fun!
    We have a fine day down here yea two days of rain and stuck in side was enough now I know spring is here.
    Lots of love

  8. Get better soon. I've caught the worst things I've ever had visiting in the hospital!