Monday, September 24, 2012

Parkinson's Walk Monday 24th September

I nearly didn't go on today's walk - I have been going to physio for my shoulder for a few weeks now and on Friday had it strapped and was not feeling particularly happy with life.  Anyway, I thought it would do me good to get out and mix with people and so I drove  to the Waro Limestone Scenic Reserve 15 minutes north of here.

We have had some rain and I was pleased I decided to take my Wellies (gumboots).  We had the odd shower during our walk but nothing major.

Pictures will have to suffice as  I am running out of time (now why did the typeface change???)


  1. Did you click the Italic icon by accident?

    Looks like an interesting are for walking. I wish there were organised walks here - much more motivation to get out and about.

  2. I find it much more enjoyable to walk with others rather than by myself.

    By the way people are dressed it looks like it is chilly there. Better weather should be coming your way soon.

  3. Good job you took walking sticks, too. The terrain appears a tad uneven. The rocks are magnificent!

  4. So glad you decided to go on your walk Sue. Aren't those rocks unusual - the pictures are lovely. Hope your shoulder mends soon xx

  5. It was more wet than cold yesterday although I have the fire going this morning.

    I joined the Parkinson's walks for my hubby but he was unable to cope with them and I have kept on as it is good exercise and companionship. (I thought I had posted this before but it has vanished)