Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Following my post on the Anzac Day Service Perpetua gave me a link to her post on Armistice Day last year.  This reminded me about my late mother-in-law's only brother.

He sailed from New Zealand on 18th November 1917 leaving behind his wife and 10 week old baby daughter.  He wrote a wonderful letter about his trip on the S.S. Tahiti - the Captain was Lt. Commander Evans R.N. who went to the South Pole with Scott.

There is  a wonderful account of going through the Panama Canal but it is not my letter to post.  I will just copy the menu for Christmas Dinner


Huitres Natural
Cons a la Imperial
Sweetbread vol au vent
Timbales Blue Cod
Roast Sirloin Beef
Roast Forequarter Lamb
Roast Gosling with seasoning
Boiled Turkey
Asparagus a la Piencontaise
Green Peas
White Vegetable
Queen Olives
Potage a la American
Pigeon a la Egyptienne
Ice Homard
Yorkshire Pudding
Mint Sauce
Apple Sauce
Oyster Sauce

Xmas Pudding
Macedoine Fruit
Swiss Trifle
French Pastry
Crutes a la Indienne
Brandy Sauce
Mince Pies
Almond Rock
Hard Sauce


Roast Pork
Boiled Potatoes

Xmas Pudding
Macedoinne Fruit

There could be some spelling errors as what I have is an old typed copy from the original.

He finished the letter on January 7th, 1918 just as they arrived at Liverpool.

On the 13th February, 1918 he died at Tidworth Military Hospital of Measles and Pneumonia and was buried three days later at the Military Cemetery there.

My husband has Everard as his second name as does another member of the family and when I have finished this I will phone the original Everard's daughter.